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Which Apprenticeships Are Most In Demand

By interacting with trade and professional practitioners, many young people gain on-the-job training and workplace skills while also pursuing academic degrees. 

Now that apprenticeships are in high demand, the challenge is determining what apprenticeships are most in demand. 


Softcat, rated second in IT and consulting, might be an excellent option for school graduates wishing to further their skills and credentials.

Softcat apprentice programmes are an excellent way for young individuals to get hands-on experience in sales, technology, and business operations. All apprentices on the programme are compensated and allowed to work on fascinating projects while guided by experienced colleagues. If you are interested in technology and are ambitious and dynamic, you should look into these programmes. Softcat has nine sites around the United Kingdom, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop.


BT, the UK’s second-largest telecoms company, provides apprenticeships in engineering, logistics, sales, and customer care.

BT has four apprenticeship programmes: intermediate, advanced, higher, and full-time. These programmes vary in duration from one to four years and are all highly compensated. Meanwhile, apprentices who complete the programme may continue to work with BT. Performance is evaluated against personal and team goals, and an apprentice coach provides valuable help.


EY is one of the most sought-after apprenticeships in the UK, being one of the world’s Big Four accounting organisations. The organisation has created work experience programmes at the Intermediate Level (Level 2), Degree Apprenticeship, and Apprenticeship. If you successfully finish these apprenticeships, you will almost certainly be the highest compensated of your indebted peers.

The nicest part about the EY apprenticeship programme is that no college degree is necessary to join. If you have completed school, you may apply, and if you have the necessary traits and skills, you may be chosen.

There is no better curriculum for you if a career in accounting is your long-term ambition. You may learn about assurance and accounting procedures, technology risk assurance, taxes, and commercial transactions through the various kinds of business apprenticeships EY offers. You might also pursue a degree apprenticeship in digital and technology, as well as corporate leadership and management.

BMW Group 

If you enjoy the BMW brand or are interested in technology, you may apply for one of the company’s seven separate apprenticeship programmes.

BMW is the place to be if you like automobiles and technology and perform well in a team environment. Working in the BMW Group’s production, engineering, technical, or commercial departments may expose you to real-world responsibilities and issues. Apprenticeship programmes may last anywhere from 18 months to four years, with the possibility of earning an NVQ Level 3 qualification. Some programmes lead to the awarding of a bachelor’s degree. With BMW, you will not only get real-world business experience, but you will also be able to create a professional network.

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Goldman Sachs, the Rolls-Royce of finance, is still one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry. The investing industry in the United Kingdom provides a year-long Degree Apprenticeship programme in financial and technological services. This is for Queen Mary University of London students who want to pursue a four-year degree.

The Goldman Sachs apprenticeship programmes provide a tuition-free alternative to a university degree. You may be able to acquire both a paycheck and a degree in this manner. Individuals from the European Economic Area (EEA) who fulfil Queen Mary University of London’s entrance standards may apply for the apprenticeship programmes.

Every apprentice will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with real-time software and engineering work. After completing the four-year programme, participants will get a bachelor’s degree in digital and technology solutions and be eligible to seek a full-time career with Goldman Sachs.


Although Santander offers a broad range of apprenticeship programmes, the three most popular and rapidly filled ones are as follows:

  • Apprenticeship in Digital Engineering and Digital Technology
  • Apprenticeship in Data Science
  • Apprenticeship in Corporate and Commercial Banking

If you can manage Santander, you can advance at any bank.

You will get an industry-recognised qualification and pay via the Santander apprenticeship programme. Depending on the programme selected, all participants get training in several corporate business sectors. They will also access an online learning platform to improve their understanding of various banking and financial topics.

Every apprenticeship programme has a licenced training provider, and participants may study and practise via online courses, classroom-style learning, in-person events, and practice time.


As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the biggest broadcaster in personnel size, the BBC remains a popular location to work for journalists and young people searching for a job in the media. Two sorts of programmes are available: degree apprenticeships and school leaver programmes. They are business, engineering, information technology, media, and telecommunications experts.

You may specialise in four areas: manufacturing, design and engineering, journalism, or business. Through these apprenticeship programmes, you may gain a firsthand look at how the media industry works at the BBC. 

Even though the apprenticeships are unpaid, participants are repaid for any travel costs incurred on each day of attendance. Paid placement options are also possible, which you should keep an eye out for when they become available.

There are four options: London, Manchester, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. You might potentially get a job in radio or television. The programme might last anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months.


BAM Nuttall is a fascinating apprenticeship since it provides various construction, business administration, facilities management, information technology, and engineering programmes. Please remember that the programmes vary from Intermediate (Level 2) to High (Level 4 and 5).

The BAM Nuttall apprenticeship programme is geared toward school and college graduates and provides them with hands-on construction experience. You may go for a graduate degree, a sponsorship, or an industrial/summer placement.

National Grid

The apprenticeship at National Grid is unique in the business because its primary goal is to shape the future of energy. It combines practical experience with academic study to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm you’ll need to power your future. 

All participants will get a fair wage, which will grow after the programme is completed. Participants will also get free full-board lodging and reimbursement for all program-related travel expenses.

BAE Systems 

BAE Systems, which ranks best in engineering and manufacturing, provides three essential apprenticeships.

However, the range of its specialisations, including software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finance, business, and aviation maintenance, makes its apprenticeship appealing!

Everyone who participates is compensated relatively and given on-the-job and off-the-job training. BAE has 30 award-winning programmes and employs around 2,000 apprentices at any one moment. So said, if you have the necessary characteristics and motivation, you have a lot of possibilities.

Furthermore, after finishing your programme, you may opt to continue with them; around 95% of their apprentices do. A BAE apprenticeship also enables you to travel and work globally.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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