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Can You Do An Apprenticeship At 16

You can do an apprenticeship at 16. Apprentices will split their time between working and attending a training centre or college.

In the office, an apprentice will operate with and learn from experienced leaders. An apprentice will gain the fundamental knowledge and expertise required to perform a particular role within a company.

A college or training centre would address the academic aspects of an apprenticeship. Few businesses use internal training facilities, but if the apprenticeship is with a smaller company, the employer is more likely to use an outside training service.

As a result, the employer would be involved in an apprenticeship. Any curriculum is structured such that an apprentice works four days a week and attends college one day a week.

It is important to note that, regardless of how an apprenticeship is structured, an apprentice spends most of their time working. An apprenticeship is comparable to a full-time job. Apprentices would work a minimum of thirty hours per week even when they are 16. They are considered full-time workers, with a salary, and sick time, among other benefits.

An apprenticeship is a realistic option if you are ready to take the next step after finishing your GCSEs. An apprenticeship is an opportunity to both benefit and learn. If you continue your education, an apprenticeship will enable you to earn well-respected qualifications while also acquiring valuable work experience!

Updated on September 2, 2022

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