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Can You Become A Teacher Through An Apprenticeship

Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship programmes are a nationally recognised, on-the-job entry point into the teaching profession. It is an alternative to a traditional full-time university degree, offering a postgraduate-level certificate, no tuition fees, and the opportunity to work while studying.

To be eligible for Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship programmes, you must have fulfilled the following minimum requirements:

  • You must hold a degree or a recognised equivalent certificate from a UK higher education institution.
  • You must have achieved a C/4 or above in your GCSE English and Mathematics examinations.
  • If you wish to teach children aged three to eleven (early years and primary), you must also have a C/4 or above on your GCSE science subject exam.

Some training organisations may also have stringent admissions standards. Look into the training programme details while searching for courses to determine whether it matches your qualifications and experience. Because teaching involves frequent interaction with children, you’ll also need to meet some non-academic requirements.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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