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Will an Apprenticeship Affect My Benefits

Apprenticeships and benefits may be complex, and knowing how an apprenticeship will affect y benefits is essential. To be considered for WTC, you must fulfil the following conditions if you are single and do not have children:

  • at least 25 years old and working at least 30 hours a week
  • or at least 16 years old and working at least 16 hours per week regardless of whether you have a physical or mental disability that renders finding work difficult
  • or at least 60 years old and working at least 16 hours per week

Work hours can vary whether you have children.

According to HMRC, the hours you spend as an apprentice count as “remunerative” work for WTC purposes if you do the following:

  • You have an apprenticeship job contract.
  • You are engaged in a scheme (apprenticeship) where the salary is taxable and subject to payroll tax and National Insurance payments.

We suggest that you contact the Tax Credits helpline to explain your situation.

More details on Tax Incentives and Apprenticeships can be found in the 

the section on tax credits and benefits.

When it comes to universal credit and apprenticeships, you will receive universal credit if you do a “recognised” apprenticeship. This means, according to the DWP’s rules, you must:

  • working for a recognised qualification with a reputable consulting firm and receiving at least the NMW for an apprentice

There are no upper or lower limits to the number of hours you must participate in qualifying for universal credit as an apprentice; nevertheless, you would be expected to do “job-related duty” as part of your Claimant Commitment if your earnings do not meet a certain level, known as your Conditionality Earnings Threshold (CET).

Updated on September 2, 2022

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