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Why Do I Want To Do An Apprenticeship

Below are our top five reasons why you should pursue an apprenticeship right now…

Lots of choices

The days of completing an apprenticeship for a practical job and attending university for everything else are long gone. A degree apprenticeship may lead to an engineer or public relations specialist career. In contrast, a higher apprenticeship could lead to a career in one of more than 40 professions. There are many unusual and exciting occupations you might train, many of which you would never have thought.

You start working straight away

If you’ve always wanted to work in a zoo, design billboards, or get your hands dirty beneath a car’s hood, an apprenticeship lets you do just that!

You get paid

Apprentices under 24 are guaranteed at least £5.28 per hour, with higher or degree apprentices earning up to £25,000 per year.

You still get the qualification

If you’re determined to get a degree, consider a degree apprenticeship, which enables you to study at university while getting on-the-job training. You may also check advanced apprenticeships, which usually include the opportunity to study for a degree. As a consequence, you may be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

You do not have to get the best grades

Employers are looking for potential, but you don’t have to have the kind of grades that get you into the top schools. A higher apprenticeship requires 5 A*-C GCSEs, specific A-levels, or another type of apprenticeship.

Updated on April 16, 2023

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