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Which Universities Offer Degree Apprenticeships

You may have heard that more universities are starting to offer degree apprenticeships, but there is no information about them on the university’s website, so which universities offer degree apprenticeships?

The number of universities offering degree apprenticeships is increasing. However, they are being established in partnership with individual employers. This means that employers work with universities to create a bespoke degree programme that contributes to a degree but is tailored to that specific employer’s unique educational and occupational needs. In some instances, universities partner with smaller business consortia to create a network that can serve the whole group.

Consequently, degree apprentice recruitment is governed by the employers’ HR and recruitment divisions in the same way that a job candidate is.

The amount of academic research needed varies according to the degree you qualify for because you could work four days a week and study one day a week, or you could work for three months and then study for three months. Each degree is distinct.

Below is a list of current degree apprenticeship programmes offered by different universities. This is constantly evolving as new programmes are created.

Anglia Ruskin University

• Supply Chain Management

• IT and Digital Technology

• Engineering

• Management

• Construction

Aston University

• Digital Technology Solutions

Birmingham City University

• Broadcast Technology

• Assistant Health Practitioner

• Chartered Surveying

Buckinghamshire New University

• Chartered Manager

• Professional Accounting/Taxation Technician

• Digital Technology & Solutions

• Manufacturing Engineer

City University

• Legal

Coventry University

• Management & Leadership at Work

Lancaster University

• Aerospace engineering

Liverpool John Moores

• Chartered Surveyor

• Construction

London South Bank University

• Building Surveying

• Quantity Surveying,


• Digital and Technology Solutions

Manchester Metropolitan

• Digital and Technology Solutions

Northumbria University

• Digital and Technology Solutions

Nottingham Trent University

• Food & Science Technology

Queen Mary University

• Digital & Technology Solutions

Sheffield Hallam University

• Chartered management

• Engineering

• Facilities Management

Southampton Solent

• Chartered Management

University of Chichester

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of East London

• Digital and Technology Solutions,

• Civil Engineering Site Management,

• Construction Site Management

• Construction Design Management.

University of Essex

• Digital & Technology

• Electronic Engineering

University of Exeter

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of Greenwich

• IT

University of Hertfordshire

• Chartered Manager: Business and Management

• Digital and Technology Solutions Professional

• Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer

University of Lincoln

• Food Manufacturing

University of Roehampton

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of Staffordshire

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of Sunderland

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of West London

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of West of England

• Leadership

University of Winchester

• Digital & Technology Solutions

University of Worcester

• Leadership & Management

Updated on September 7, 2022

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