Where to Find Apprenticeships

To find an apprenticeship, follow this step-by-step guide.

Consider doing an apprenticeship in the field of your choice, and if so, at what level? 

Start by deciding whether apprenticeship standards exist for the career area you’re interested in and where you should start.

Any apprenticeship is valued at a certain level, influencing entry requirements. Regardless of prior experience, all must begin at Level 2 for some apprenticeships.

Some Level 3 jobs may enable you to work unsupervised, so if you don’t have much work experience, you can start with Level 2 before moving on to Level 3.

Go to the ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ website. 

Almost all apprenticeship opportunities are advertised on the government’s website.

‘Create an account is a wise decision. By registering, you can set up updates for the types of apprenticeships you are searching for in a specific region and text and email messages to inform you whenever new work is posted on the website.

You can also use the website to apply for apprenticeship jobs and track the status of your applications.

Other ways to find an apprenticeship

  • Using a training firm.
  • Many colleges and educational institutions may even publish apprenticeship opportunities on their websites.
  • Find a Company to assist you in locating colleges and educational facilities near you.
  • Investigating job posting portals

Another place to look is on the big national job-search portals.

  • Work Search Site Indeed, Monster, Total Jobs, CV-Library.
  • Look up ‘apprenticeships’ to find specialised job boards.

Work in government or the public sector

  • NHS Job Opportunities – View this very informative webinar on NHS apprenticeships.

Some of these websites will allow you to post your resume for jobs to locate you. You may also set up email alerts to be delivered to your inbox if they have opportunities that match your criteria, such as place, job type, or keywords. So overall, it should be easy to find where to find apprenticeships.

Updated on September 7, 2022

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