Where Can You Get An Apprenticeship

Whether you have a particular company in mind, check their website to see if they offer any apprenticeship programmes.

This information is often available on a company’s website, usually under the careers or employment section. They should tell you how to apply and what qualifications you will need to be considered. You’ll also find out how long the apprenticeship will last and what skills and certifications you’ll get.

Apprenticeships like this often lead directly into a job at the end, so ask about it while applying or during the interview process.

Look into scholarships as well, since many companies provide them. For example, each year, Kaplan offers accounting scholarships to school leavers throughout the United Kingdom. These allow students to complete an accounting apprenticeship, followed by the opportunity to seek further professional accounting qualifications.

Don’t give up if you can’t find any apprenticeships or scholarships to apply for right away.

Call the company and ask if they have any or something similar that you might apply for; many would appreciate your courage and initiative in contacting them directly.

Updated on August 27, 2022

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