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Where are RAF Apprenticeships Based

Recruits spend nine action-packed weeks at RAF Halton near Aylesbury learning about RAF life, including firefighting, first aid, arms use and handling, kit maintenance, leadership, and discipline.

Typical start times are 5.30 a.m. and finish times are 10 p.m. It aims to put candidates through their paces, both mentally and physically, and leave them with no question that life in the RAF is unlike everything else.

Where are RAF apprenticeships based? 

After completing their Basic Training, applicants are sent to specialised RAF training centres to develop their professional skills. Before they appear, recruits are tested for developmental disabilities (such as dyslexia). However, they must still learn and pass level 2 practical English and Math skills whether they have A-Levels or a degree (GCSE or equivalent).

Apprentices should see their specialised schooling as a career rather than a school. Since classrooms are limited to 16 students, there is no secret in the back. Experienced professors (the bulk of former technicians) teach in computer-equipped, advanced classes. Later on, apprentices serve in four-person courses to study hands-on mechanics on retired warplanes.

Instructors must get to know their apprentices well; most apprentices will need assistance at some stage, so one-on-one instruction is not bad.

Following Basic Training and Specialist Training, technicians serve in the sector for many years before advancing to Advanced Apprentice. However, it’s worth noting that RAF apprenticeships differ in length: Avionics and Mechanical Technicians generally take five years, whereas Weapons Technicians, Survival Equipment Specialists, Communications Infrastructure Technicians, and ICT Technicians typically take three years.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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