When to Apply for Apprenticeships 2022

Apprenticeships and other school leaver programmes application deadlines vary during the year. However, there are a few things to think about.

When to Apply for Apprenticeships 2022? Different programmes have different application opening and closing times, and you must apply for each opportunity that interests you before the deadlines.

When it comes to finding the best timings, employers tend to fall into one of three major groups:

  • Including a year-long recruitment cycle. Setting an annual start date for new apprentices to begin work and recruiting ahead of time are examples of this. This approach is most familiar with significant employers that need A levels/Higher Education/the IB and offer higher apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, and accounting-related school leaver programmes. Typically, the start date is in early autumn, about the time when classmates leave for university. Typically, applications are approved between September (of the preceding calendar year) and March. Closing dates are usually between late October and early May, so keep an eye out starting from year 13/S6.
  • Employers searching for apprentices to start as soon as possible. Some employers advertise for apprentices when required and expect them to begin work immediately. This is very common for openings with smaller employers or local divisions of national chains that do not need A levels/Higher Education/the IB (such as intermediate and specialised apprenticeships). It’s pointless to apply if you haven’t completed school or college, so you won’t be able to start work immediately.
  • In addition, several recruiters categorise apprenticeship recruitment as “ongoing.” This means that applicants are accepted at any time of year; moreover, a position might not be available to begin immediately, so be prepared to wait. This method is more likely to be employed by big corporations.

Employers often fill vacancies before closing, so early application is always a smart move. More details on how to Apply for Apprenticeships in 2022 are given below.

Where will I get my job interview for my apprenticeship?

Some employers like to shortlist candidates and send out interview requests before the application deadline; some prefer to do that when they approve applications, which means you may be interviewed and perhaps get a job offer before the application deadline.

In addition to a traditional job interview, several companies run appraisal centres, often known as testing days, particularly for higher-level positions. In addition, there are candidate meetings in activities such as group exercises and, on occasion, presentations.

Apprenticeship open evenings, and work fairs

Companies also set up informal opportunities for you to see before applying, such as visiting work fairs or hosting open apprenticeship days or evenings at their offices. This can happen at any time, although it is more common during autumn and March. Look for school-leaving job fairs in your city and open days on specific employers’ careers websites or social networking sites.

Employer-sponsored summer education – for the real early bird

Few employers, particularly in the financial sector, have structured job activity programmes for students still in school to offer a more holistic view of working life. You must apply to these in year 12/S5 or year 13/S6.

Look for ways to gain job experience.

Is it possible for me to qualify for both apprenticeships and degree programmes?

If you can’t decide between college and an apprenticeship, there’s no reason you can’t apply for both. However, UCAS deadlines are generally in October (for Oxford and Cambridge, as well as most medical, veterinary, and dentistry courses) and January (for most other courses) (for most other courses). Consequently, early graduation dates for apprenticeships with an annual recruitment cycle are likely to clash.

You’ll never get a job from a college or an apprenticeship first. 

However, if you apply your UCAS application early and are a good candidate, you will certainly get university offers first. Though this is not always the case, certain schools may not be able to respond to you until their ‘absolute’ deadline in early May.

Updated on September 7, 2022

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