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When do Apprenticeships Start

You might be considering starting an apprenticeship. Like the school year, many apprenticeships begin in September; nevertheless, there is no set day for them to begin, so it is necessary to keep an eye out during the year or ask the company you wish to work for when their apprenticeships start.

Except for degree apprenticeships, which usually begin in September to coincide with the start of the new academic year.

There are no clear and quick rules on apprenticeship start dates; they depend on the employer and who they need to employ to fulfil their business needs.

Apprenticeships, like employment, depend on a viable opportunity’s availability. Early research and application for well-known industries is an excellent way to guarantee you don’t miss out. In addition, large businesses that recruit apprentices yearly prepare their employees well in advance. Consequently, you could find a job opening in February with a start date in August. This might seem like a long time off, but completing your applications and interviews is essential so you can focus on your exams with a clear mind.

While you cannot begin a full-time apprenticeship when enrolled in full-time education, and so many people start applying for apprenticeships that start after the school year has finished. On the other hand, specific apprenticeships can have stringent entry requirements, which ensures you will not be accepted to the apprenticeship programme until they are fulfilled.

Many people involved in an apprenticeship programme can keep an eye out for National Apprenticeship Week, which is held every March in the United Kingdom. The week brings together employers and apprentices from around the UK to celebrate apprenticeships’ advancement and encourage more people to try apprenticeships after high school. Around this time, several businesses will begin advertising apprenticeship openings.

It can be difficult for young people to decide what apprenticeship they want to pursue. Many students remain close to home, while some programmes provide homestays. Companies worldwide offer apprenticeships, and some sectors can be better in some places than others, so do your research.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you want to work for an organisation without apprenticeships. And even though they don’t have any available positions right now, you’d be shocked by what a good CV and a decent cover letter will do.

Look on the websites of specialised employers like the NHS, the BBC, and the Armed Forces for opportunities that aren’t mentioned elsewhere.

If you can’t find a job that piques your curiosity, keep checking back for new listings. Sign up for newsletters as well to avoid missing out.

Any degree apprenticeships award a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and it’s worth performing as much research as possible on them. As the courses of a graduate degree, the apprenticeship requirements describe precisely what you will be learning.

When do I apply for a position?

Apply for a job as soon as you see one that interests you, much as you would for any other.

Typically, this occurs a couple of months before the start date. So, you should begin looking six months before you’d like to start looking.

You must apply for an apprenticeship only when you are adequately qualified and do not wait for the application deadline to pass – employers will remove vacancies as soon as they feel they have sufficient applicants.

If you are accepted into an apprenticeship programme, you can begin once the job becomes accessible, as long as you are not still enrolled in full-time training. That can leave you a couple of months to get by or take a break.

How do I apply for an apprentice?

Applying for an apprenticeship is a lot like applying for a job. First, you apply, and if your name is selected for the shortlist, you will be approached for an interview.

The processes of sifting, shortlisting, and interviewing will differ from one company to the next.

Updated on September 7, 2022

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