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What’s The Age Limit For Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are one of several options for those considering their next step after completing their GCSEs or A-Levels, along with college, university, and full-time employment. Consequently, there is a common misconception that apprenticeship programmes are exclusively available to people who have just finished full-time education. Anyone aged 16 and above, however, is generally able to apply.

While apprenticeships are usually considered mainly for younger people who are just starting in their professional life, older people who wish to change professions but need training and a relevant certification before moving into a new job may benefit.

Apprenticeships, which were formerly restricted to school leavers and young people, are now marketed as a dynamic way of retraining people of all ages. This means that, regardless of your age, if you think you would learn more effectively by working with a relevant company, seeing experienced colleagues, getting a recognised qualification, and earning a wage, an apprenticeship may be for you.

Because there are no age restrictions for becoming an apprentice, whether you are too old to take on an apprenticeship is more a matter of whether you think it would benefit your development.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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