What Types of Apprenticeships Can You Do

Apprenticeships come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you intend to work in finance, accounting, or computer technology as a student, an apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. There is an apprenticeship for everyone, with over 1500 job openings in over 170 businesses. 

So, what types of apprenticeships can you do?

Business Apprenticeships

Company administration and management apprenticeships are available at three levels: intermediate, advanced, and higher. These programmes are designed to train an apprentice for a critical support role within a company. Intermediate apprenticeships in this industry prepare school graduates for work as receptionists, assistants, or other entry-level occupations. 

An advanced apprenticeship can train you for a role as a personal assistant or team leader. Apprentices in higher-level apprenticeship programmes are prepared for jobs such as marketing officer or business development executive.

Project management, revenue management, competitive marketing, contract law, and organisational strategy are some of the topics included in these apprenticeships. If you are not offered a permanent position at the end of your organisation apprenticeship, you would have the skills and understanding to serve in various industry professions.

Information Technology Apprenticeships

A school or college graduate may benefit from an IT apprenticeship to progress to a job as a website or network technician, data administrator, digital assistant, or IT clerk. These programmes combine on-the-job and off-the-job training to ensure that an apprentice has the skills and qualifications to excel in the IT industry. A degree apprenticeship in digital and infrastructure technologies leads to a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management and Business. Degree apprenticeships in the IT industry are available from some of the UK’s leading employers, including GSK, BT and Network Rail.

Apprenticeships in Finance

Apprenticeships in finance are available at the intermediate, advanced, higher, and even doctoral ranks. Apprenticeships are eligible to encourage you to take the first steps toward a career in finance, whether it’s savings or insurance, payroll or taxation. The apprenticeships are designed by the top financial firms in the United Kingdom. 

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy have developed new apprenticeship structures. 

These programmes are designed to give employees more opportunities to train for professional and vocational jobs in financial services. If you finished one of these apprenticeships, you would have the rare opportunity to work with experienced finance professionals. They will double as mentors, leading you through the apprenticeship and ensuring that you graduate ready to enter the world of finance.

There are a dizzying array of different types of apprenticeships open.

Updated on September 7, 2022

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