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What Qualifications Do You Need For An Advanced Apprenticeship

Advanced apprenticeships, often known as Level 3 apprenticeships, are commonly considered equal to two A levels.

Some people with Level 3 qualifications, including A levels, choose the advanced apprenticeship route because it enables them to acquire work-related skills and experience in a particular sector and region. As a result, specific advanced apprenticeships are very competitive.

So what qualifications do you need for an advanced apprenticeship? Entry requirements vary, but at least five GCSEs with grades 9 to 4/A* to C, including English and Maths, are usually required.

Advanced apprenticeships are available for hundreds of different job opportunities in several sectors, including:

  • constructing, planning, and the built environment
  • leisure travel and tourism
  • agriculture, horticulture and animal care
  • arts, media and publishing
  • business, administration and law
  • engineering and manufacturing technologies
  • education and training
  • information and communication technology
  • science and mathematics
  • retail and commercial enterprise
  • health, public services and care
Updated on August 29, 2022

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