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What Is The Mature Age Apprenticeship Wage

Apprenticeships are encouraged by both the government and your employer. They are also helped by the apprenticeship levy, a tax paid on businesses with many employees.

Regardless of this governmental aid, completing an apprenticeship will need some self-financing. This is because the money you will get while pursuing an adult apprenticeship will likely be less than your previous employment wage. Consequently, extra money may be needed to satisfy previously established living expenses.

In certain situations, as an adult student, you may be asked to contribute to the expense of your education. An Advanced Learner Loan may be of assistance in this regard. This loan is not dependent on income, and no credit checks are required.

Your course, college or training provider, age, and country or resident status will all influence your eligibility. If unsure, contact your potential training provider to determine if your course is authorised.

The Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund may also have funding to help with expenses like childcare, course-related travel, or materials and equipment. Some formal apprenticeships may exclude you from the Adult Learner Loan Bursary Fund; thus, check beforehand with your training provider or employer.

The income will vary depending on the sector, but you will be entitled to the National Living Wage. Some apprenticeships will pay more, particularly in locations with high living costs, such as London.

To attract the best candidates, apprenticeship providers must provide competitive salaries and incentives for learners to choose their courses. For example, some employers may offer you a bonus or raise for each year you work.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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