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What is the Highest Paid Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships have unquestionably grown in importance. Yet, while the future appears bright, pay scales could be underwhelming, especially in industries such as hairdressing. If you’re interested in knowing what the highest paid apprenticeship is, we’ve assembled a list of the top five highest-paying apprenticeships and the types of opportunities available in each.

Management and Leadership – £9.11

Apprentices in Team Leadership and Management earn the highest wages, averaging £9.11 per hour. These apprenticeships, targeted at individuals working as team leaders, floor managers, or trainee supervisors, may be applied to a wide range of sectors and job positions and provide highly transferable abilities.

At the intermediate level, trainees learn how to allocate and oversee the function of a team, settle conflicts, plan tasks, and negotiate budgets. Apprentices at the advanced level provide strategic advice, prepare schedules, and efficiently lead teams.

Technology – £7.03

Engineering apprentices may learn a broad range of skills and techniques or work in a highly specialised field, depending on their employer. For example, trainees might spend their days spray painting a new racing car or decommissioning a nuclear plant – two very different jobs requiring manual and technical skills. There are many engineering educational programmes available in the automobile industry as well.

Customer Service – £6.92

Customer service apprentices work on a company’s front lines, supporting customers and ensuring that their issues and complaints are addressed constructively and favourably.

Most business apprenticeships are in manufacturing, banking, call centres, hospitality, or sport and entertainment. Duties vary depending on the industry, but all candidates must have excellent leadership skills and be willing to communicate with individuals from all walks of life.

Electrotechnical Services – £6.88 

Electrotechnical apprenticeships involve building, operating, and repairing electrical equipment, such as installing electrical systems in a shopping centre or installing CCTV systems and designing, installing, and establishing electrical systems on highways.

Suppose they work with an electrical contractor or a company that offers electrical supplies. In that case, apprentices must have solid formal credentials, read technical drawings, and be aware of health and safety regulations.

Health and Social Care – £6.77 

Apprenticeships in the health and social care sector provide jobs as clinical support workers or healthcare assistants in hospitals, the community, hospices, or private clinics. They also work with social care, helping the disabled, ill, or have developmental disabilities in their families or neighbourhoods.

Advanced Apprenticeship graduates are well-positioned to further their studies in fields such as nursing or midwifery, which are also some of the highest-paid apprenticeships.

Updated on September 6, 2022

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