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What is Involved in an Electrical Apprenticeship

There is a lot involved in an electrical apprenticeship, apprentice Electricians work with Electricians to maintain, service and restore electrical systems. In addition, they assist in construction and restoration tasks and ensure the safe operation of various electrical equipment. Electrician apprentices typically work on lighting systems, conductors, power distribution, and cables in large buildings and construction sites that may be industrial, retail, public, or residential.

What is involved in an electrical apprenticeship? 

An Electrician Apprentice performs several tasks that help with installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical appliances.

Helping an Electrician

The Electrician Apprentice’s primary duty is to assist the Electrician. This may involve basic activities like tool handling and work independently from the Electrician on electrical tasks requiring less knowledge or practice. If the Electrical Apprentice’s career progresses, they will be given more freedom in conducting tasks.


The Electrician Apprentice assists with and carries out electrical equipment repair work orders. The task is to check for malfunctions, locate defects, troubleshoot, repair machinery, and replace defective parts. The Electrician Apprentice and Electrician will collaborate with other electrical team members to identify and resolve problems.


To fill construction job orders, the Electrician Apprentice can assist the Electrician or independently perform less complex construction tasks. They will carry out electrical wiring procedures, orientation adjustments, and system checking compliance with guidelines, schematics, diagrams, blueprints, and equipment specifications.

Updated on September 2, 2022

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