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What Is Civil Service Apprenticeship

As a Civil Service Apprentice, you will be part of a community of passionate and engaged individuals committed to improving people’s lives throughout the UK. You may be assisting with delivering critical frontline services to members of the public, influencing government policy on a range of topics, or working in corporate services to provide the necessary tools and expertise to other Civil Servants.

You will also get high-quality learning and development as part of your apprenticeship and the chance to work with experts in the field as you put your knowledge into practice. After completing your apprenticeship, you will be a recognised professional with the opportunity to further your career in your chosen field.

Your apprenticeship is not a one-person show. You will be assisted at every step of the way. Your line manager and talent coach will work with you to improve your abilities as you gain experience in your job. You will also be a part of a Civil Service apprentice community of around 29,000 people on the same road as you.

Updated on August 23, 2022

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