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What Is A Nursing Associate Apprenticeship

As a nursing associate apprentice, you will offer hands-on patient care while working alongside healthcare support workers (with a care certificate) and fully trained registered nurses, bridging the gap between the two professions. You will be an essential part of the interdisciplinary workforce needed to fulfil the future needs of the public and patients.

This programme is a two-year full-time apprenticeship (employment-based, with part-time university attendance). You must work full-time as a health care support worker or another health or social care employee to apply for the apprenticeship route.

Your tasks will take you away from your usual workplace. Your employer must agree to let you leave for protected practice and theoretical study. This includes time allotted for external placements, recognised protected learning inside your regular job, simulation, study days, and guided learning. Typically, employers pay for the apprentice’s education.

If you successfully finish the course, you will work as a Nursing Associate and further your career in the health and social care sector. You will acquire a wide range of specialised and transferable clinical, care, and interpersonal skills (including medicines management) through a combination of theoretical study and practical tasks. Practice assignments will also allow you to get a wide range of experiences by exposing you to different health and care settings.

This apprenticeship application form is accessible through your employer or the NHS Practice Education Lead.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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