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What is a Intermediate Apprenticeship

Intermediate apprenticeships are Level 2 apprenticeships that require five GCSE passes.

They are an excellent place to start your future career, and for those over the age of 16, they provide an alternative to staying in school and learning in the traditional classroom environment.

As an intermediate apprentice, you can train for certificates equal to five GCSEs, such as NVQ Level 2, and a knowledge-based qualification relevant to the business and job function, such as a BTEC Diploma and Certificate.

You may advance to intermediate and higher-level apprenticeships.

The entrance requirements for intermediate apprenticeships vary, with some businesses needing two or more GCSEs and others not requiring relevant qualifications.

If you do not have GCSEs in English and mathematics, you would be required to take specific subjects as part of your apprenticeship.

Hopefully, this clears up your question on what is an intermediate apprenticeship.

Updated on September 2, 2022

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