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What is a Business Administration Apprenticeship

A business career is a fast-paced one that helps you advance and work in various fields and industries. The good news is that the demand has increased in recent years. It’s also a job path that will contribute to many opportunities if you choose to move on to another industry later in life.

If you’re considering starting an apprenticeship but aren’t sure if it’s the right career, keep reading for our guide on what you need to know about Business Administration.

What is a business administration apprenticeship? 

It is another way to get a job in business administration or a related field. You don’t need a degree to work in business administration, and an apprenticeship is a great way to get paid to learn. There are many benefits of doing a Business Administration apprenticeship. It may be an outstanding option for any school graduate who wants to work in business.

A Business Admin apprentice’s duties may vary; for example, you might spend your day doing the following:

  • Assisting both employees/colleagues and customers
  • Ensure that all business archives and records are well-organized, easily traceable, and archived properly.
  • Maintain the functionality of electronic databases.
  • Communicate with partners, colleagues, mates, and senior positions daily, either by phone or mobile phone, connecting calls, scheduling calls, or receiving messages.
  • Spreadsheets are used to monitor expenses and company expenditures.
  • Selection and delivery of post
  • Creating and editing company correspondence
  • Calls, workshops, and activities must all be planned.
  • Purchase office supplies.
  • Give managers truthful feedback on office quality and recommendations for changes/improvements.

How long does a business administration apprenticeship last?

The qualification you want determines this. Level 2 (intermediate) apprenticeships are usually completed within one year.

How much money would you get from a business administration apprenticeship?

You could work in Human Resources, banking, finance, customer service, recruiting, marketing, or as a chief development officer, office manager, or company development executive. It is entirely feasible to earn more than £30,000 a year. It all depends on your level of motivation and optimism as a whole! After finishing your apprenticeship, do you want to start your own business? Your profit power is unbounded. Level 3 (advanced) apprenticeships are usually completed in 18 months.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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