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What Happens If You Leave An Apprenticeship

First and foremost, you are allowed to leave an apprenticeship at any moment. It’s the same as if you were in a regular job; your contract will stipulate how much notice you must give your employer if you wish to leave.

However, it is critical to realise that you will not get a certificate if you leave your apprenticeship before it is finished despite possibly completing considerable work. This is something you should consider before making your decision.

For many reasons, apprentices may opt to terminate their apprenticeship before it is finished. This is entirely dependent on the person; however, it may be related to:

  • Personal problems such as family, health, or financial hardship
  • Dissatisfaction with the content of the apprenticeship
  • Dissatisfied with the quality of instruction
  • Feel overwhelmed by your workload
  • Unhappy with one’s job or workplace

Do you have to pay anything back?

No. Unlike at university, you will not be forced to return any money if you quit the apprenticeship before it is finished. Under the new finance rules, employers may no longer ask apprentices to pay back any costs for training, exams, or other activities.

Future possibilities

You have many options to consider depending on why you want to leave your apprenticeship. Here are a few examples:

Changing occupations

If you are unhappy with your job, whether in the workplace, the duties, or the corporate culture, you may change jobs and continue your apprenticeship course.

It would help if you discussed this with your training provider. However, it will be their duty to evaluate whether or not this is a realistic alternative for you and to approve the new employer’s suitability.

Changing the subject

If you want to leave your apprenticeship to study a different subject, you must reapply for another programme. You may look into other courses before quitting your current one, but remember that employers want to know why you left your previous apprenticeship.

Leaving your apprenticeship but retaining your employment

If you are unhappy with the apprenticeship course, including the topic and quality of teaching, your employer may allow you to change jobs within the company. However, if your boss agrees, you must be paid the national minimum salary for non-apprentices.

Before making a decision, discuss any concerns, worries, or complaints you may have with your employer or training provider. If you inform them, they may make the specific changes you want or provide further help and guidance if needed.

Recognising that change is not always feasible in every circumstance is essential. So, if you believe leaving your apprenticeship is the best option, keep your options in mind as you go forward.

Updated on August 30, 2022

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