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What Different Types of Apprenticeships Are There

Four different types of apprenticeships or levels of apprenticeship are available in England, for over 1,500 job roles.

The types of apprenticeship are:

Each level has different entrance requirements, and each apprenticeship vacancy will include these and the talents the employer is looking for. 

Employers often need A levels and similar Level 3 qualifications for higher degree apprenticeships.

Your qualifications, work status, and the apprenticeship standard the employer intends to adopt will influence the apprenticeship level you begin at.

You may further your career in various professional areas and industries by working your way up via higher and degree level apprenticeships. You may also pursue further or higher education, such as degrees and postgraduate courses.

More than 70 universities and 200 colleges have been approved to provide higher and degree apprenticeships. This list is continually growing as new apprenticeships are introduced, and more businesses want to recruit apprentices. The name of the institution or institutions participating will be included in each apprenticeship opportunity.

See what’s available on the government’s A-Z list of apprenticeships.

Updated on September 1, 2022

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