What Can You Do With An Apprenticeship

If you want to take an apprenticeship, choose a field that interests you and complements your skills. Now is the time to sit down and think about what you can do with an apprenticeship.

Creative & Media

If you like being creative, beauty and hair apprenticeships may be for you, but have you investigated your other options?

Apprenticeships are also offered in several creative disciplines, including floristry, horticulture, graphic design, interior design, and product design. For example, you might work in-house for a non-design business or join a design team at a specialised design business.

If you like music, you’ll be pleased to know that there are apprenticeships in music marketing, artist management, and PR, as well as apprenticeships for individuals interested in working at live events.

Media apprenticeships are created for young people who want to gain technical skills, so it’s a great alternative to construction if you work with your hands. Apprenticeships in digital media are also offered.

Accounting, Administration, and Business 

There are several apprenticeship opportunities available in business, administration, and finance. These are attractive opportunities for you to understand the ins and outs of the industry and begin working your way up.

Businesses need people with strong communication skills. For example, consider a career in customer service, call centres, or sales.

If you have an organisational inclination, administrative apprenticeships may be just up your alley. However, you must be detail-oriented, as well as organised and efficient.

The best aspect about working in administration is that you may work for various businesses, from clothing shops to non-profit organisations.

Construction, Agriculture, and the Environment

If you’re excellent at anything practical, look for apprenticeships in construction, maintenance, or agriculture.

This is the path to take if you can’t imagine yourself sitting behind a desk in an office. Apprenticeships in forestry, environmental conservation, gamekeeping, wildlife management, and agriculture provide you with the opportunity to work outside.

Land-based engineering apprenticeships are great for those who like tinkering with machinery since they need technical, scientific, and engineering abilities to solve agricultural equipment and vehicle problems.

Of course, the construction industry is a significant employer of apprentices. In addition, apprenticeships in bricklaying and scaffolding are available, and civil engineering and crane control are at dizzying heights.

An apprenticeship in the electrotechnical profession requires much more than just wiring houses and installing light bulbs. You may work on highways, industrial systems, or cutting-edge electromechanical gadgets.

Engineering, Information Technology, and Telecommunications 

Engineering and information technology are two additional essential apprenticeship fields. Working in information technology is a good career decision; practically every industrial sector needs IT professionals, and an apprenticeship will start you well on your way.

IT apprenticeships include working for an IT certification while learning about software and hardware. You could then build websites, write software, work in IT security, and fight hackers.

Engineering apprenticeships will provide a firm foundation in the skills needed to become an engineer. The most crucial need is to be proficient in arithmetic, physics, and information technology.

The most challenging and intriguing component of becoming an engineer has to solve problems on your own.

Healthcare, Social Services, Animal care, and Education

Apprenticeships in health and social care are provided not just by the NHS but also by private sector organisations, local governments, and the military forces.

Working at hospitals, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, or occupational therapy clinics is a frequent component of a healthcare apprenticeship. Many, but not all, apprenticeships will need some technical and scientific knowledge.

There are additional opportunities for Apprenticeship in healthcare’s administrative and commercial elements.

A social care apprenticeship comprises caring for vulnerable people, from children to the disabled. It will enable you to employ your people skills, and making a difference in someone’s life is a rewarding profession.

If you like dealing with animals, you should think about pursuing an apprenticeship in animal care.

Aside from fundamental animal care apprenticeships, veterinary nursing, zoo and dog warden apprenticeships, and equestrian opportunities (horses to you and me).

If you’ve always wanted to be a teacher but don’t want to go to university, there are other ways to be involved with education and teaching.

You might work as a classroom assistant, and the abilities you learn throughout your Apprenticeship might lead to higher levels of teaching certification.

Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Transportation, and Logistics

Apprenticeships in retail and sales are on the horizon. “That’s just a fancy word for stacking shelves,” you reason. Of course, you will spend some time on the shop floor, but a retail apprenticeship will allow you to do far more exciting things in the long run.

You may, for example, work in visual merchandising and use your creative vision to create a window and in-store displays. It might lead to a style consultant (or personal shopper) job, leading to a managerial career in the retail industry.

If you’re a natural at customer service, how about a hospitality apprenticeship? This might involve learning how to serve customers as a waiter, make drinks as a part of the beverage crew, or prepare beautiful meals in a restaurant.

You may wonder where retailers get all their merchandise and who keeps hotels supplied with fresh, fluffy towels. This is where the transportation and logistics industry comes in.

You may pursue a career in distribution, logistics, or warehouse management. You must be very organised and have outstanding leadership and communication skills.

If you like travelling, you may work as a courier or drive huge cars throughout Europe. Apprenticeships are also offered for those who want to work as flight attendants.

Apprenticeships in aircraft operations and ground crew are also available for those who stay on the ground.

Sporting Events and Recreation

For persons who have a genuine chance of becoming professional athletes, there are apprenticeships in “sporting excellence.” However, if your physical talents aren’t quite up to a professional level, there are other ways to be involved in sports.

Apprentices are employed by several leisure centres, for example. You may also get involved in coaching or teaching sports, or you could use a magic sponge to enter the field of physiotherapy.

Updated on September 1, 2022

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