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Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician

Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician

On an accounting and taxation professional apprenticeship course, you’ll help provide financial information and advice to different organisations.

Accountancy and taxation professionals are globally recognised leaders in accounting, taxes, finance, and business. A career in this area may be diverse and challenging, ranging from strategic business counsel to audited financial reports or promoting mergers and acquisitions—not it’s just about putting numbers onto a spreadsheet.

You will learn to use technical knowledge, skills, and experience to help organisations and people make responsible, long-term financial decisions as an apprentice.

Because acting in the public interest is essential, you will be expected to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct, competence, ethical behaviour, and integrity.

After finishing this apprenticeship, you will be eligible to apply for membership in one or more professional organisations in the United Kingdom.

What you’ll learn

On an accounting and taxation professional apprenticeship course, you’ll learn to:

  • Create long-term relationships with individuals and organisations. 
  • As a team member, constantly help others and collaborate to achieve objectives.
  • Influence the impact of business decisions on relevant and affected communities based on a knowledge of different organisations and the environments in which they operate.
  • Communicate in a clear, eloquent, and acceptable manner. Adapt communication to different situations, individuals, or teams.
  • Recognise ethical difficulties, understand the implications, and act appropriately. 
  • Understand your legal duties in terms of the text and spirit of the law and the processes for reporting concerns about possible unethical behaviour.
  • Take control of given tasks and manage your and others’ time effectively. You must demonstrate excellent project management skills to accomplish high-quality work on time. Serve as a role model for others and motivate them to succeed.

Entry requirements

You’ll usually need:

  • Depending on the employer, but likely a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications or relevant experience.
  • Apprentices without level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this before taking the end-point assessment.

Assessment methods

The End Point Assessment comprises two distinct assessment methods: 

  • A synoptic Case Study
  • A Project Report

Duration and level

  • Duration: 18 months
  • Level: 4 – Higher Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship standard

More information about the Level 4 Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician Apprenticeship standard can be found here.

Apprenticeship end point assessment

For more information about the End Point Assessment Process, please read the Institute of Apprenticeships’ information page.

Updated on January 3, 2023

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