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About us

NG Bailey is the UK’s largest independent engineering and services company. Holding Investors in People and Investors in Diversity accreditations, our 3,600 people remain at the heart of our business.

We’re a family owned business in operation for a century with a history of developing great people.

Our values of passion, integrity and excellence are core to everything we do.

Our mission is to responsibly design, build, operate and maintain buildings, infrastructure and IT services.

Our vision is to be the best – creating exceptional environments for present and future generations – ‘we bring buildings to life’.

Website: https://www.ngbailey.com


Rated 3.1 out of 5
3.1 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good19%

Unappreciated, the company is first and foremost, safety is not.

Rated 2 out of 5

Great office environment, that’s the only pro i am afraid.

work load is not balanced through the team, some work on one project while others work on multiple projects and are pushed and hounded to meed unrealistic deadlines.management look after thoes they like and will make things difficult for those they don’t, it very much if your face fits situation.

the company as whole is very dishonest and have no consideration for the safety or well being of the staff, Company first and foremost.

best described as talk the talk but cant walk the walk.


Office Environment ( as you all in the same god awful boat)



Good to start, one of the worst places to work near the end

Rated 1 out of 5

First off, before I begin the negatives, can I just say that NG Bailey was a great place to work at the start. Management was great and always pushed you towards achieving more, always had a laugh in the office with fellow teammates and was an overall enjoyable experience. We worked within the in-house IT Team supporting members of staff in office and on site.

However, once they made our manager go onto furlough and our old team leader was laid off, we were given a new manager and team leader who did an absolute poor job at supporting the team. They only cared about their main team that they normally support, not us. We would be given stupidly impossible targets and when we worked our hats off to achieve it, we would get no thanks for any of the work we did. In fact, the only thanks we did get was a big “bugger off, we’re making all the vital people redundant”. This was a major factor for the non existing morale.

Oh and thanks to our manager for doing all he could to save our team from getting the chop (not, please sense my sarcasm)

My main problem was the fact that one of our members of staff stated that they were feeling stressed and may need time off to calm down. When the team leader told the manager this, we were scolded for it. Completly unacceptable.

Also, another thing to add was one of the contractors who was working within our team was so rude that when we approached them to help them solve a problem, they’d either ignore us or completly lose their temper with us. Again, when we approached management about this, NOTHING WAS DONE. EVERYTIME WE COMPLAINED, NOTHING WAS DONE!!!!

Before the wave of redundancies, I was already looking for a new job. I was actually glad to be made redundant. The new management and zero appreciation for our team helping the company work during uncertain times of COVID-19 just shows how little NG Bailey care about their staff.

Please proceed with caution if you’re considering a job here.

**Again, please allow me to reiterate that the initial manager and team leader from when i first started in 2019 were fantastic and i’d highly recommend them!


Cafe across the road I guess


See review

Disloyal liars

Rated 1 out of 5

They say they are a family and care about their people and their mental health and wellbeing.. well they don’t care as long as you are working. If you have personnal issues, or have a child then you are an inconvenience to them and they will out you without a second thought.


Some, non management, people are really nice.



Will not back you up

Rated 1 out of 5

Supervisor was top notch , team looked after each other and absolutely cracking team but Higher management will not back you up and will favour the client over you any day because they are scared to stand up to them.


Working from home great balance


Higher management useless

NG Bailey receptionist/document controller

Rated 5 out of 5

I loved every minute working here I was supported by colleagues and managers.

Excellent company benefits great salary.

I enjoyed the work and was appreciated for my contribution

I would still be there but the company had to make me redundant due to end of contract and covid 19.

I was given support to help find work I can’t reccommend them enough.


Supportive environment good salary


I really didnt have any negatives

Updated on October 22, 2022

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