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Is there an Age Limit for Modern Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships enable you to gain work experience when studying for a degree. Apprenticeship programmes in Scotland are funded by the Scottish Government and run by Skills Development Scotland.

Apprenticeships enable a learning service, such as a college or university, to provide information and enhance the apprentice’s skills, whilst the contractor offers practical work experience. Training can occur in a classroom, a workshop, or the workplace, depending on the subject and learning provider.

Is there an age limit for modern apprenticeships? 

Individuals who receive industry-recognised certificates through the Modern Apprenticeship (MA) scheme can earn money. It offers people aged 16, and up the opportunity to work for a living, so there is no age limit for modern apprenticeships. A Modern Apprentice may be ideal for a current or new employee looking to further their career.

Updated on September 2, 2022

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