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Is there an Age Limit for Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship could be for you if this is your first job, you’ve been promoted to a new role with more responsibilities or credentials, you’re searching for a career change, or you need to pursue a better job that requires specialised skills.

An apprenticeship is more than just a means for someone to begin a career. An apprenticeship goes beyond that; it can help you develop your work, talents, and career and lead you on a long journey to being an expert. In addition, it will reawaken your sense of wonder, fun, and career transition.

Is there an age limit for apprenticeship? 

There is no age limit for an apprenticeship, and funding arrangements differ if you are above 24. However, since apprenticeships are open to everyone, your age can not determine whether or not you are accepted.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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