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Is It Hard To Get An Apprenticeship

Because most apprenticeships are the first level available, acquiring one is not difficult if you meet the grades. Several of them are open, and their entrance standards may be less strict than those for Advanced, Higher, and Degree Apprenticeships.

Employers recognise that apprentices don’t know everything since they have just left school. Therefore, they will look for people with many potential and specific characteristics or behaviours. These will be considered in your application, and any psychometric testing and assessment days you are required to participate.

Because each organisation is different, it is essential to review its website and research before submitting applications. However, in general, businesses are looking for the following:

Commitment and drive: Because you’ll be pursuing an apprenticeship for two or three years, employers want to know that you’re committed to completing it. They also hope you are passionate about the company and your profession. Employers wish for someone adaptable and passionate about helping the firm reach its goals.

Energised and willing to learn : Outside the workplace, you will spend 20% of your time studying an apprenticeship. You will also have a full-time job demanding and demanding at times, so you may find yourself in a situation where coursework is due, and work deadlines are approaching. Your supervisor will assist you, but you must be able to prioritise and be motivated to succeed.

Communication, cooperation, and people skills: are essential as an apprentice since you will interact with people from many walks of life. While you will make friends with your team, some of the people you will work with will be older than you. Furthermore, the challenges you will face at work will differ from those you will meet in school, so you will need to use your initiative and intelligence to overcome new difficulties.

Updated on September 1, 2022

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