How to Join a Union Apprenticeship

Anyone in the United Kingdom has the right to join a union. Some unions specialise in serving workers in a particular occupation or industry, while others accept all staff members. The TUC’s union finder will help you find the right union apprenticeship for you: Join the Union at

How to join a union apprenticeship?

There is usually an agreement in force where the union or unions negotiate pay rates and other operating conditions with the boss. The union is said to be recognised until such a settlement is reached.

If the employer supports one or more organisations, you can often see strike posters or leaflets on noticeboards or hear employees debating the union (s). It would be more logical to join one of those unions rather than another.

A local union representative can also come to you to talk about joining, but you don’t have to wait for things to happen before being a candidate. The bulk of unions supports internet apps via their website as well.

What if my employer refuses to recognise unions?

You can still join a union if the workplace does not have one. If you become a member, the union will advise and assist you whenever you have a workplace disagreement, much as a recognised union; nevertheless, it would not be permitted to negotiate your salary or any working conditions.

One of the main reasons people join unions is to protect themselves against unfair job treatment, and unions represent thousands of independent workers per year when:

Management wants to sanction or fire them due to poor work performance, sickness, absenteeism, inappropriate conduct, or the participant’s allegations of unequal management treatment.

So, even though the employer does not recognise unions, joining one is a good idea. But don’t wait before you’re in a situation to join a union – that’s like insurance in that it doesn’t cover accidents that happened when you joined.

Do you want to join a union but aren’t sure which one is right for you?

No problem – the TUC’s online union finder will help. It is available at

Updated on September 5, 2022

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