How to Get Out of an Apprenticeship

If you wish to do a particular apprenticeship, you must quit the existing one and reapply. As soon as you leave your current career, you will begin searching for a new one.

Employers may be curious about whether you did not fulfil your former job and might be concerned that you will complete the current one too soon. Consider whether ending the current position is correct and whether the new one would be better.

So how to get out of an apprenticeship?

Leaving the apprenticeship path while still working.

If your boss agrees, you should quit training and return to work. They will give you the non-apprentice minimum wage.

Leaving your apprenticeship to get a degree

If you lose your work and cannot locate any employer willing to hire you as a worker, you will be allowed to resume your education. However, you may be required to compensate for training. Check with the tutoring service and see if anything is accessible.

Apprenticeships that are ended prematurely

You have the option of terminating your apprenticeship early. However, you would be expected to refund all training expenses if you do this.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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