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How to Get on the Railway Apprenticeship

Your path begins right here. A railway apprenticeship is the first step toward a successful career in the rail industry. You will be able to shape national programmes, foster cutting-edge technologies, and learn the skills required to succeed.

How to get on the railway apprenticeship? 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to excel in the rail industry? There are specific minimum requirements you must meet to apply:

You must be at least 18 years old. However, the apprenticeship does not have a maximum age limit.

If you are accepted onto the apprenticeship programme, one of the conditions would be that you pass a medical test. This is because you might be working in dangerous environments, and it is essential that they recognise if there is something they need to know to keep you safe. They will also provide specialised training to keep you and anyone you work with safe, and you’ll need medical clearance before you begin.

Hearing and vision checks will be administered, and you will be questioned about any previous medical issues or drugs you are already taking. Substance and alcohol screenings take place at the same time.

This is the absolute minimum needed to qualify for this apprenticeship;

  • GCSE English Language, Grade 9 – 4 /A*– C
  • Grade 9 GCSE Mathematics: 5 / A*– C / Grade 9 GCSE Science: 4 /A*– A A-C, NVQ, or BTEC Level 2 or higher in an Engineering subject is needed.
  • One other GCSE in a subject with a grade of 9–4 / A*– C
  • Scottish Credit scheme class stages 1-2 IGCSE grades A-C
  • *Please bear in mind that an NVQ or BTEC Level 1 in Engineering will not be sufficient to meet the required Standard. English Literature is only appropriate as a compliment.
  • Functional Skills in Maths and English at Level 2 are necessary (note: All three parts in English must be completed).
  • To satisfy the criterion for ‘one other GCSE in every subject at Grade 9-4 /A* – C,’ any of the following conditions at pass level or above will suffice:
  • NQF Level 2 or higher in Key Skills Level 2 QCF Functional Skills Higher Diploma NQF
  • BTEC Award, Certificate, or Diploma at Level 2 or higher NVQ Level 2 or higher QCF Certificates and Diplomas at Levels 2 and Up

They may accept equivalent qualifications from anywhere in the United Kingdom. Several other requirements might be taken.

You must show us the original certification or validated declaration of results as we ask about them during the application process. The school or college will tell you who to contact if you need replacements.

If you have upcoming exams or have yet to earn your marks,

You will apply; the application form may request information about your planned results. If you are successful, you may be expected to include evidence of your success before your place can be validated.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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