How To Get An Apprenticeship Scotland

To be eligible for a modern or graduate-level apprenticeship programme in Scotland, you must have completed the Scottish statutory minimum school leaving age, which is currently 16 for most people. You should also be:

  • living in Scotland
  • not enrolled in a full-time academic programme

In addition to their Highers and National 5s, students in secondary school may undertake foundation apprenticeships.

In contrast to school, college, or a traditional degree programme, you will learn much at work via on-the-job training.

If you meet the following criteria, an apprenticeship may be appropriate for you:

  • have a clear idea of what profession or professional route you want to pursue.
  • are eager to begin working for a company – an apprenticeship is a job.
  • want to further your education and choose a more practical and work-related approach to learning.
  • are well-organised and capable of balancing the competing demands of job and education.
  • appreciate the concept of utilising your job experience to help your education.

Whatever career path you select, you must decide if you can accomplish your goals via an apprenticeship or whether you need or want to study full-time at a university or college.

Apprenticeships are not the “easy option” since working a full-time job while studying takes commitment and hard work, which is not for everyone.

It’s a competitive world out there…

There are currently a limited number of apprenticeship opportunities available, particularly at SCQF Level 8 and above — but this is anticipated to change as new apprenticeships are developed and more places become available.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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