How To Get A Nursing Apprenticeship

Although becoming a nurse has changed drastically recently, enrolling in a nursing apprenticeship is relatively straightforward.

Previously, aspirant nurses had to get a bachelor’s degree before becoming registered nurses. 

The nursing apprenticeship programme aims to provide more people with the opportunity to become nurses.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You do not have to pay tuition or training costs since the employer pays for the apprenticeship.
  • On the ward, you’ll earn money while learning on the job and acquiring valuable life experience.
  • You do not need A levels or any prior experience to apply.
  • You will get the same degree as a university graduate without paying tuition.

How to get a nursing apprenticeship?

Even if you’ve never worked in healthcare, applying to be a nurse apprentice is straightforward. First, visit our ‘find an apprenticeship‘ website to find opportunities in your area.

Most nursing degree apprenticeships last four years unless you have previous experience as a nurse associate.

Can I still apply for a nursing apprenticeship if I already work as a nursing assistant?

Nursing apprenticeships are designed to help more healthcare workers grow in their careers as nurses. You already offer hands-on care alongside fully qualified nurses as a nursing associate and work towards a level 5 qualification. This means that you may be able to apply some of your past knowledge to the degree-level apprenticeship, shortening the course time.

What steps should I take to apply?

Inform your manager about your want to work as a nursing apprentice. The new degree-level courses begin in September, so apply as soon as possible.

Updated on August 30, 2022

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