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How to Get a Joinery Apprenticeship

Working in the building industry can be an enriching career for the right person, which helps you operate in various environments. You can work indoors and outside, and you can work in the UK or, whether you have itchy feet, select a profession in construction abroad.

Carpentry and joinery employees work in construction from various professions and professional backgrounds. Therefore, apprenticeships in carpentry and joinery could be ideal if you’ve always wanted to work with your hands and learn how to become a carpenter or joiner.

You will learn the skills needed to perform your job comfortably and effectively as a trainee carpenter or joiner. The great thing about apprenticeships is that you can prosper while training while still earning widely recognised qualifications at the end of your apprenticeship.

How to get a joinery apprenticeship?

So, now that you know how to become a carpenter or joiner, why not apply for carpentry and joinery apprenticeships? You can begin your studies, acquire experience while you practise, and earn nationally recognised qualifications that will set you on the road to a rewarding career. Apprenticeship vacancies for carpenters and joiners could be available locally and elsewhere. 

Use the find an apprenticeship service to find the right apprenticeship for you and get a joinery apprenticeship. 

Many of you who have served as a carpenter or joiner would be able to choose many career opportunities. Since completing level 2 carpentry and joinery apprenticeships, you would be eligible to advance to level 3 certificates. As a carpenter or joiner, this will help you make more income.

Updated on September 5, 2022

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