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How To Be A Butchery Apprenticeship

Nobody knows a job’s necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviours better than the employer. Therefore, butchers need apprenticeship training that creates “work-ready” employees. Apprenticeship regulations are mainly designed to do this!

Level 2 Butcher Apprenticeship Standard

The Level 2 Butchery Apprenticeship is intended for entry-level to intermediate-level butchers and typically lasts 18-24 months. It broadens knowledge of various meat species, their supply networks, and the techniques needed to process and/or produce meat products. In addition, apprentice butchers will learn how to chop and prepare meat for commercial and retail customers.

Furthermore, the apprenticeship includes necessary certificates in Knife Skills, Food Safety, and Health and Safety, which must be acquired before completion.

The apprenticeship comprises both fundamental courses and sector-specific paths, making it suitable for butchers working in all sectors of the meat industry:

  • Craft Butchery
  • In-store (supermarket) Butchery
  • Process Butchery

Level 3 Advanced Butcher Apprenticeship Standard

The Advanced Butcher Apprenticeship is intended for more experienced butchers who wish to enhance their butchery and business management skills. This higher-level butchery apprenticeship enables employees to progress in their careers while also preparing companies for succession. 

The apprenticeship is typically 18-24 months long and includes sector-specific routes for Craft, In-store, and Process butchery.

An Advanced Butcher apprentice will acquire advanced knife skills and general craft/processing expertise. The concept of “responsibility” is crucial. Advanced Butcher apprentices will be able to manage a shop or meat counter and perform processing duties.

The Advanced Butcher must be knowledgeable about food safety, health, and hygiene systems at the management level. Consequently, level 3 certificates in Food Safety Supervision, HAACP, and Health and Safety are required for the apprenticeship.

For additional information, please see the Advanced Butcher Standard.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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