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How To Apply For Apprenticeships Online

With jobs available at some of the world’s most innovative and well-known businesses, getting into may be more straightforward. Everything boils down to execution.

Here are some of our best tips for applying for an apprenticeship to increase your chances:

To begin, you must do your research if you want to be considered for an apprenticeship programme.

Consider the industry you want to work in as well as the company you want to work for

Workplaces vary considerably, from those with small premises and just a few workers where everyone knows everyone else to large companies with several sites throughout the country. Both have benefits, so consider which kind of working atmosphere suits you.

Do you want more personalised employment with a smaller company, where you will be one of just a few apprentices? Or do you like the buzz of a bigger company with a more extensive apprenticeship programme and perhaps its in-house training programme?

Consider the setting

Once you’ve decided on the job, you want to do and the type of business you want to work for, it’s time to check into the opportunities in your area. 

Your local council may be an excellent place to start. In addition, many towns throughout the country have government-sponsored apprenticeship programmes that connect inexperienced people with local companies.

You may also find them listed at your local college, on the government’s apprenticeship website, and on more traditional job search websites that may contain a range of apprenticeship possibilities.

Create a reputation for yourself

Because apprenticeships are in high demand (up to 22,000 places are available at any one time throughout the country), don’t be fooled into thinking that getting a spot is easy – it isn’t.

There’s nothing wrong with contacting or emailing the business to ask about their apprenticeship programme if you want to improve your application. 

However, you may stand out from the crowd by expressing an interest in learning more about the apprenticeship programme.

Above all, learn to sell yourself to a prospective employer. Learn what businesses are looking for in an apprentice and what challenges they face. Once you know the skills they need and their company objectives, you can tailor your application accordingly.

Prepare your cv

Once you’ve decided what is required for the apprenticeship you want, you may construct a CV that emphasises your achievements and relevant skills.

Include a cover letter as well – a strong, well-written one may help your application stand out from the mass of applications received by a business.

Don’t be concerned if you have difficulty customising your application to your apprenticeship. Our free CV and cover letter templates may help you nail the content.

Then all that’s left is to press the ‘Apply’ button…

Do you think an apprenticeship is the best option for you? 

Now is the time to look at all of the apprenticeship opportunities.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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