How Much do Sky Apprenticeships Pay

University is not for all, and apprenticeships are a more active option through which you learn on the job, gain valuable skills, knowledge, and recognisable qualifications, and earn income. Working with a reputable business like Sky, it is the fastest-growing home broadband provider in the UK.

How much do sky apprenticeships pay? 

Apprenticeship salaries at Sky will range from £20,185 and £28,433. This estimate is based on two Sky Apprentice wage reports provided by employees or mathematical processes. See all Apprentice salaries to see if they relate to the rest of the market.

But it’s not all about how much sky apprenticeships pay, apprentices profit from a more comprehensive experience that provides valuable on-the-job instruction, mentoring from a boss and a peer, and a customised training and learning schedule to help them develop softer skills—furthermore, partnering with well-known industry executives and acquiring critical skills needed to succeed in the workplace. 

Sky’s apprenticeship programmes are long-term jobs, so we are looking for people who want to start their careers with us.

Updated on September 6, 2022

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