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How Long Is A Roofing Apprenticeship

Roofing Apprenticeship jobs will vary depending on your employer, the types of properties they work on, the size of the company, and the specialist area you choose to focus on, but typically a level two roofer apprenticeship takes about two years to complete.

As previously stated, a Roofer Apprenticeship requires physical strength and no fear of working at heights. Another aspect of roofing is that, as you would expect, you will spend a lot of time outside. 

In addition, roofing apprenticeships will teach you how to correctly utilise safety equipment and trade tools, minimising the possibility of accidents.

Although bad weather may cause roofing jobs to be postponed, you must be prepared to work in various climates and weather conditions.

Roofer apprenticeships are also excellent for those who hate working in the exact location all day. Roofer jobs may take you all across the UK, and as an apprentice roofer, you may be tasked to work away from home on various building sites occasionally.

Updated on August 23, 2022

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