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How Does Barber Apprenticeship Work

barber apprentice is someone studying to become a barber—often known as a stylist, who cuts and styles people’s hair. 

To better grasp the profession, the barber apprentice will get on-the-job training from more experienced stylists or barbers and be paid during the apprenticeship. 

The duration of the apprenticeship varies, but candidates should plan on working as apprentices for one to four years.

The precise work of a barber apprentice may differ. Some barbers just cut hair, while others shave, wax eyebrows, wash and clean, and even colour hair, give perms, or do manicures. 

Barber apprentice jobs have developed in line with the evolving nature of the trade. Many barbers still provide haircuts and styles and a few other services such as shaves. Hairstylists are much more common than barbers in many parts of the world, providing a wider variety of services.

A barber apprentice must first complete some training in beauty, barber, or vocational school regardless of the services offered. This training teaches the aspiring barber how to properly cut hair and perform several other tasks that may be given to them while on the job. For example, some training focuses on sanitation and maintaining a clean workplace, and some institutions may even offer training in communication and customer service. 

Company courses that guide a prospective barber through creating and running a company are less common. Still, many schools provide them separately from barber training and are essential lessons for any barber considering starting their own business.

The barber apprentice will begin by shadowing more experienced barbers. As time passes, the barber apprentice will be given more opportunities to cut and style hair. Throughout the apprenticeship, every cutting done by the student will be done under the guidance and supervision of a more experienced barber.

Updated on August 24, 2022

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