How Do I Find an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to gain practical skills and knowledge while earning a wage. However, you may wonder, “How do I find an apprenticeship?”

Embarking on an apprenticeship can be a fantastic way to kick-start your career journey. It offers hands-on experience, valuable skills, and the opportunity to earn while you learn. However, finding the right apprenticeship can seem daunting.

Fear not! In this article, we will guide you through finding an apprenticeship, providing you with all the necessary information to get started.

How Do I Find an Apprenticeship


The first step in finding an apprenticeship is to conduct thorough research. Begin by exploring different industries and occupations that interest you. Consider your passions, strengths, and long-term career goals. This self-reflection will help you identify the apprenticeships that align with your interests and aspirations.

Recognise Available Opportunities

A wide range of employers offer apprenticeships, including businesses, organisations, and even government agencies. Visit our website to browse through the available opportunities.

Understand Apprenticeship Levels

Apprenticeships are offered at various levels, ranging from intermediate to higher and degree apprenticeships. Each level requires a different qualification and offers varying levels of responsibility and complexity. Understanding these levels will help you determine which ones you are eligible for and the skills you can acquire.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

Once you have identified potential apprenticeships, review each program’s eligibility criteria and entry requirements. These may include age restrictions, educational qualifications, and specific skills. Make sure you meet the necessary criteria before proceeding to the application stage.

Application Process

You must typically submit an application form or apply online to apply for an apprenticeship. Take your time to complete the application accurately and showcase your skills, experiences, and motivation for pursuing the apprenticeship. Tailor your application to each opportunity, emphasising relevant achievements and explaining how you can contribute to the role.

CV and Cover Letter

Prepare an updated CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a tailored cover letter highlighting your strengths, achievements, and passion for the industry. Keep your CV concise, including relevant education, work experience, and other pertinent information. Use the cover letter to demonstrate your enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and why you are an ideal candidate.

Interview Preparation

If shortlisted, you may be invited for an interview or assessment. Research the company or organisation beforehand to understand its values, products, or services. Practice common interview questions and consider how your skills and experiences align with the apprenticeship requirements. Dress professionally and arrive punctually on the day of the interview.

Apprenticeship Agreement

If you pass the interview stage, the employer will present you with an apprenticeship agreement. Take the time to read and understand the agreement thoroughly, including the duration, training plan, and wage details. Seek clarification on any unclear points and ensure you are comfortable with the terms before signing.

Additional Support

Throughout your apprenticeship journey, various organisations can provide guidance and support. Contact your local college, career service centres, or training providers to access resources, advice, and mentorship opportunities. These institutions often offer workshops, apprenticeship fairs, and networking events to help you thrive in your chosen field.


Finding an apprenticeship may seem challenging, but with the right approach and thorough research, you can discover exciting opportunities that align with your career aspirations. Remember to remain focused, persistent, and adaptable throughout the process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be well on your way to securing an apprenticeship that sets you on the path to success.

Updated on July 10, 2023

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