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How Are Apprenticeships Assessed

Apprentices must complete an assessment at the end of their apprenticeship to show what they have learned and perform all their job areas. The examination is referred to as an ‘end-point assessment.’

How are apprenticeships assessed?

This information is only applicable to apprentices in England.

An assessment often includes the following components:

  • a practical assessment
  • a project
  • an interview and presentation
  • written or multiple choice tests

Who will be evaluating your apprentice?

The evaluation must be carried out by an authorised end-point assessment organisation that is not affiliated with the training provider.

Following the assessment?

After your apprentice has successfully finished their apprenticeship and assessment, the end-point assessment organisation will request their certificate.

Certificates are typically sent within ten business days. However, privately financed apprenticeships may take longer.

Updated on September 1, 2022

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