HM Forces Serviceperson

HM Forces Serviceperson

On an HM forces serviceperson apprenticeship course, you’ll help carry out a range of roles, from general warfare to humanitarian tasks, in the Army, Royal Navy, RAF or Royal Marines.

The primary duty of an HM Forces serviceperson is to work as a team member within HM Armed Forces, which includes the Army, Navy, RAF, and Royal Marines. The team’s effectiveness is contingent on each member’s selflessness in prioritising the communal right above the individual right.

As a service member, you will do several tasks ranging from general warfare to humanitarian activities, all of which will need a high level of loyalty, enthusiasm, and common sense.

Every year, many recruits join the HM Forces to get the training and skill development needed to function in a variety of very physically and mentally demanding settings and conditions, sometimes for lengthy periods. This requires extreme physical and mental toughness and dedication, and self-discipline. In addition, you’ll need to understand and adapt to the company’s changing needs.

What you’ll learn

On an HM forces serviceperson apprenticeship course, you’ll learn to:

  • Maintain safe working conditions in compliance with legislative regulations.
  • Work under public-sector processes, customs, traditions, and ethics constraints.
  • Take precautions to cope with unanticipated events.
  • Manage and keep the organisation’s specialised equipment, including military equipment, in good working order.
  • Make effective use of communication systems.
  • Carry out ceremonial functions.
  • Use first aid to treat minor and major injuries.

Entry requirements

You’ll usually need:

  • There are several entry restrictions relating to age, nationality, residency, gender, and medical and physical fitness.
  • Apprentices without level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level before taking the end-point assessment.

Assessment methods

The End Point Assessment consists of two distinct assessment methods: 

  • Military Tests Appropriate to the Service
  • Synoptic Interview

Duration and level

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Level: 2 – Intermediate Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship standard

More information about the Level 2 HM Forces Serviceperson Apprenticeship standard can be found here.

Apprenticeship end point assessment

For more information about the End Point Assessment Process, please read the Institute of Apprenticeships’ information page.

Updated on October 2, 2022

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