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We are a national charity, founded in 1962. We pioneered the idea that adults with learning disabilities have the right to choices about how they live and how they are supported, to enable them to lead the best life possible. We continue to explore ways to deliver this right for people, every day.

People with learning disabilities face obstacles that are hard to imagine. We use our skills, experience and creative ideas to help people to overcome them. Our Fusion Model of Support is key in this – it’s how we ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone we support, challenging us to provide consistent, high-quality services.

We support people in all areas of their life: developing practical skills, connecting them to their community, helping them to get a job and introducing them to technology that can help them to live as independently as possible.

Local authority social care budgets have historically funded our services. But ongoing cuts have placed mounting pressure on local authorities and providers. Today, it’s common to find that local authority budgets will cover only the basics, or funding for only those with the most complex needs. We don’t feel that is enough. So we also raise money for things that are no longer funded to make sure people can live the best life possible.


Rated 2.2 out of 5
2.2 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good14%

What a great place to work

Rated 5 out of 5

No day is ever the same, there are always new tasks to complete and my day just flies by! I love meeting with my colleagues and the People We Support.


Relaxed, friendly team atmosphere.


Rated 1 out of 5

Stressful. No management support. Poor pay and under staffed. Unappreciated for working extra hours to cover shifts, managers not communicating with support staff except to lay blame or threaten. Best part of the job the people we support and if you are lucky the staff team you work with in the house.


People we support and team mates


No management support

The worst place I've worked

Rated 1 out of 5

The worst job I can honestly say I’ve had there is little to no management structure, the managers employed have known each other for years and have promoted each other and lifted themselves up the ranks over the last few decades, I couldn’t comment on anything other than Bradford Day Services, the lack of quality management and awareness from head office guiding area 1 management team makes the whole thing a huge mess, and difficult to lodge complaints that won’t be snuffed out or swept under the carpet, this also means the majority of managers are grossly under qualified for the roles, HFT head office will back the managers without hesitation or question to not upset the apple cart, I cannot comment on other HFT services around the country as I have worked in day services over the past decade since BDCT, and the company wonders why it lost its contract recently to the council, area 1 management were particularly bad, venomous and calculated, of you made yourself known as someone who had a voice and some conviction and dared question the authority of the ‘regime’ you were certainly in for a rough ride! Complete disaster of a company I wasted 10 years, I enjoyed my time with the people we support though! When there once was structure in BDCT/NHS days the management on area 1 made such a mess of things, hopefully the council can retrain the managers to work alongside staff and support them rather than employ methods from a 1940s workhouse, terrible shame HFT should learn from these mistakes and do better to build back there reputation as a good employer and within the community –


People we support are great


Management team in area 1 day services are particularly bad

I wouldn’t if I were you

Rated 1 out of 5

Honestly, HFT should be ashamed with how they have treated their staff through Covid. They are implementing a new management restructure and new t&c, which will actually mean a pay cut for a lot of staff. Right at the end of covid, no thank you, no appreciation… just… pay cut. They can however pay themselves more than the prime minister and have a nice fat pay rise (after telling staff we can’t pay you more as there is no funding). They need to look at how they are spending their money, and not look at frontline staff as the ones who should suffer from their greed.


Staff team, people we support. Like family.


HFT just thinking of the big wigs, not caring about frontline staff, pay cuts, hiding behind several members of staff when they mess up further up the line. Terrible company.

Avoid avoid avoid

Rated 1 out of 5

I came to hft with such enthusiasm and hope. soon i became very disappointed. Low pay, very understaffed and little chance of career progression.

Whistle blowing frowned upon and pushed inder the carpet.

Bullyish culture.

I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and i know i have, but i will be moving on to ventures new.

Pay is low, responsibility is high. Its just so unfair when top management are on hundreds of thousands a year. Us support workwrs are the ones making the difference and we are treated like the dregs of the earth.

We will never attract and retain staff on these low wages. Pay will always be a bone of contention. Bills going up..wages staying low….

Actually hearbreaking




Long hours . Lots of paperwork .

Updated on October 9, 2022

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