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Does an Apprenticeship Count as Full Time Education

full-time apprenticeship is similar to a full-time career and requires either studying or preparation, so in essence, yes, an apprenticeship does count as full time education.

You are handled the same as every other paying employee, accruing holiday compensation as you work, but you still choose to be debt-free.

Apprenticeships also have both career and education elements, rather than only one.

They are more part-time than full-time education because, as previously said, you often spend four days at a work placement and one day at a college, while full-time schooling is typically more than 30 hours per week. There are also pre-apprenticeship programmes where you study part-time but then graduate to a full apprenticeship.

But plan to work 30 hours a week with the boss, plus one day of study at the office, university, education, or on the internet. All of these must be specified in the contract between you and your boss, and it is necessary to remember that each apprenticeship is unique.

However, the general draw for apprentices stays the same: the payoff for carefully juggling your lifestyle around work and research is that your tuition costs are paid by both your employer and the government. 

Updated on September 7, 2022

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