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Can You Get Into Uni With An Apprenticeship

While A-levels are an excellent way to get into university, they are not the only way.

An apprenticeship consists primarily of on-the-job training. So you go to work, get paid, and work towards certification. So, for example, you might spend most of your time at work and then go to college or another training provider one day a week so that at the end of the apprenticeship, you have one or two years of work experience. Of course, you are also working for a qualification.

Apprenticeships are available at several levels. So you may do an apprenticeship at Level 2 (intermediate), Level 3 (advanced), or even Level 4. As a result, it depends on your previous qualifications and the particular area you want to enter. When you finish an apprenticeship, you will often work four days a week and then attend college one day a week to study the theory behind your apprenticeship. So, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys working, earning money, and gaining hands-on experience, an apprenticeship is ideal for you.

Because the entrance to university needs at least a Level 3 certification, apprenticeships and institutions provide alternatives to university. You will be eligible to attend university if you finish a Level 3 apprenticeship. You will be eligible to apply to university if you complete a college course, such as A-levels or a vocational diploma at Level 3.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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