Can You Get An Apprenticeship At 30

One of the most widespread misconceptions are apprenticeships is that they are only available to school leavers. Recent government funding changes, however, have changed the look of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are available to everyone over the age of 16, including school leavers, career changers, and anybody looking to enhance their abilities as part of their current job.

From an employer’s standpoint, school leavers and older apprentices may provide a variety of advantages. 

Some organisations may prefer a candidate with greater maturity and experience. On the other hand, apprentices aged 16-18 often have lower employment costs and more significant financial resources accessible.

Employers may fund apprenticeships for several reasons. For example, a corporation may want to hire recent school leavers. Alternatively, they may choose to teach young people and shape them to match their company culture.

There are many factors to consider if an apprenticeship is right for you as an older candidate, including compensation, finance, and professional goals.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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