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Can You Do Two Apprenticeships

The rules are available for viewing below:

P59. Any qualifying individual may be funded to pursue a higher level apprenticeship than the one they presently hold, including a previous apprenticeship.

P60. We will fund an apprentice to complete an apprenticeship at the same or lower level as a qualification they already hold if the apprenticeship allows them to acquire substantive new skills. You can demonstrate that the training content differs from any prior qualification or a previous apprenticeship.

Evidence that the apprenticeship results in critical new skills and that the learning differs considerably depending on whether the apprenticeship is at the same or lower level than prior qualifications. This evidence might include the following elements.

Prior qualifications, including completed modules/units, should be compared to the topic of the apprenticeship, demonstrating how they differ fundamentally.

211.26.3. Skills gap analysis, highlighting the individual’s new skills and how the apprenticeship would address them.

So from reading the rules, can you do two apprenticeships, and the answer is yes you can do two apprenticeships.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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