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Can You Change Employers During an Apprenticeship

Change may be challenging in an apprenticeship since it involves you, your employer, and your training provider. Therefore, you must ask yourself every question, like, can you change employers during an apprenticeship?

Changing jobs whilst on an apprenticeship

You can change jobs but remain on the same apprenticeship path; you would not have to restart your studies. Your training provider would agree on whether the new employer is appropriate.

Changing the apprenticeship

If you think you want to undertake a specific apprenticeship, you must leave the current one and reapply. You can start looking for a new job as soon as you quit your present one. Employers will be curious as to why you did not complete your previous apprenticeship, and they may be afraid that you would also finish the new one early. Consider if terminating the current apprenticeship is best and whether the new one will be better.

Leaving your apprenticeship course though keeping your job

If your manager decides, you can stop studying and return to work. They can at least pay you the minimum wage for non-apprentices.

Leaving your apprenticeship to complete your degree

If you lose your job and cannot find any company willing to recruit you as a student, you may be eligible to continue your studies. However, you will be expected to pay for training. Check with the teaching firm to see if anything is suitable.

Apprenticeships that are terminated too soon

You have the opportunity to end your apprenticeship early. However, if you do this, you must repay all training costs.

Whether or not you are fired or made redundant when completing your apprenticeship

If you are fired or otherwise made redundant, contact your learning provider; they may be willing to assist you with seeking a new career.

Since an apprenticeship agreement is referred to as a teaching contract rather than an employment contract, the legal conditions for ending an apprenticeship differ from those for terminating other jobs. You should get legal advice if you think you were wrongly fired or made redundant. You would be able to receive compensation not just for lost revenue but also for any teaching you might have skipped.

Can You Change Employers During an Apprenticeship? 

If you are already working and choose to start an apprenticeship related to your current job, your boss must authorise it. Begin by discussing it with your manager to see if they can help.

Your minimum wage will be adjusted after you begin an apprenticeship; nevertheless, most apprenticeship firms offer more than normal, and it is unlikely that they will lower your payments when you start an apprenticeship.

Updated on January 18, 2023

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