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Can I Do An Apprenticeship After A Levels

After finishing your A levels, you can select between two apprenticeships: higher apprenticeships (level 4/5) and degree apprenticeships (level 6/7).

Higher apprenticeships, often known as level 4 or level 5 apprenticeships, are for 18-year-olds and above. These programmes last three to four years and require an apprentice to play a significant role in a market-leading company.

Higher apprentices work toward a Level 4 Competence Qualification and a knowledge-based qualification (often a foundation degree, undergraduate degree, or higher national diploma) in the field in which they work.

The entry requirements for degree apprenticeships vary based on the programme. The requirements will differ based on the company hiring the apprentice and the field of study. Some employers prefer individuals with two or more A levels, while others prefer applicants with 104-120 UCAS points. Still, others may accept applicants with advanced level or higher level apprenticeships.

Updated on August 27, 2022

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